When “it” means everything, including morning coffee.

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A Toxic System

There is a fundamental belief that guides me. It’s a paradigm around which I make most of my daily life decisions; a framework I use to evaluate every element of my experience. It is a toxic, insidious, oppressive system that issues hard judgments if I fail, even though failure or…

Captivated by the power of sharing stories.

The author listening for a story. Victoria, Canada.

I was a hyper child. I spent a lot of time in my early teens creating a list of synonyms for hyper.

Effervescent. Enthusiastic. Gregarious. Energetic.

I was, and still am, quite enthusiastic.

I don’t think I need one of the judges in it.

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I’ve been watching the popular television show, “The Voice,” for a few seasons now. And it just dawned on me why I love it so much. My attraction goes deeper than childhood fantasies of being able to sing like Carole King on stage with backup singers. …

Navigating hard things on vacation.

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We were visiting the Big Island of Hawaii for the first time, in the middle of our week vacation, and I was angry at my son for having feelings.

More specifically, that he was having very particular feelings I didn’t like while we sat in a restaurant beside the beautiful…

Can you get to the nearest beach?

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Over the past crazy months, I’ve read and watched and listened, becoming more and more irritated. The tension that accompanies a divided country limping out of a pandemic has gradually seeped into my skin, my shoulders, my gut. It’s ever-present.

And I see this irritation mirrored in people around me.

It isn’t pretty.

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Simply Ridiculous

It has suddenly occurred to me that my current status is simply too ridiculous not to record.

It is a cool evening in Southern California after a warm day. I am using this to my advantage with a whole-house fan (we do not have central air conditioning) that draws in…

Answering this question while meeting my daily 1000-word goal.

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Goals are good

This is simply a writing exercise to meet one of my goals: writing 1000 words every day this summer. Rarely have I had such a goal, except for say, brushing my teeth or drinking coffee.

I often read insights and advice from fellow writers like Shaunta Grimes. Many repeat the…

Finding healing in the craziest place.

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I Will Never

Do you have a “never” category in your life? A list of things under the heading, “I will never…?” I do. Sky diving. Marathon. Hot Yoga.

I am emphatic on these points. Certain. Unwavering. There are just some ways in which I simply do NOT want or need to push…

The house doesn’t just hold my memories; it holds my DNA.

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The message came from across the country via Facebook. “We are selling Cedar Avenue,” he wrote. The timing was uncanny. In just a few days from reading this, I would be back in Virginia visiting my family.

“It would be incredible to come see the house, if possible,” I replied…

I’m so glad I didn’t take it with me.

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I am wrapping up a week-long visit to my favorite place, to my home state, to my roots. Virginia. Virginia holds a special place in my heart and soul. So much so that in my early 40s, I decided it was time to get the tattoo I had wanted for…

Mandy Osterhaus Ream

Woman in middle age. Professor. Mom to one surfer and one kid with Down Syndrome. Fireman’s wife. Writing about all of it. mandyosterhausream.com

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